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Boca Raton Eye Exams

Technology-Driven Annual Eye Health Checkups

Your eyes are your window on the world. Keep them healthy with an annual
eye exam from the family eye care professionals at Correct Vision of Boca Raton.

Eye Care for Everyone

Boca Raton Eye Exams for you & your Family

Your annual eye exam isn’t intended to only update your prescription, but to examine thoroughly from the cornea thru the pupil to the optic nerve, retina, and macula. Throughout this thorough eye examination, systemic conditions such as hypertension, multiple sclerosis, and diabetes, can be uncovered.

During your Correct Vision Family Eye Care Center eye exam, our experienced eye care professionals also screen for eye ailments and common eye diseases, gauge how your eyes are working as a team, determine any changes to your prescription and evaluate your eyes as a function of your overall health.

An in-depth look at your Eyes

Your Correct Vision comprehensive eye exam is powered by a number of tests with state of the art technological equipment that gives our Eye Doctors a full view of the state of the health of your eyes.

These tests vary in their complexity from simple exams that include reading an eye chart to assess the overall effectiveness and accuracy of your vision to complex tests powered by our Optomap technology to capture a full-scale digital image of your eyes.

Regular Eye Exams

As you age, your vision and eyes change. Health care experts recommend an annual eye exam as an integral part of a wellness routine. As part of your annual comprehensive eye exam at Correct Vision Family Eye Center, you are being checked thoroughly for the age-related conditions such as glaucoma, macular degeneration, and cataracts, to name a few.

If you’re experiencing trouble with your vision, headaches, red or itchy eyes, or any discomfort with your eyes and vision, it’s best to have an eye care professional take a look.

Schedule your appointment with Correct Vision Family Eye Care Center today and learn why we’re South Florida’s leading family eye care center.

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